Conference Coverage Service

Conference Coverage Service

Conferences are �THE events� when it comes to competitive intelligence. The CmaxInsight conference coverage team has extensive experience in covering major international conferences. Our Conference tracking and intelligence reports bring out insights on:

  • ?Physicians evolving perceptions
  • The shift in the competitive landscape
  • Competitor brand positioning strategy
  • Updates on key clinical trials
  • Emerging research hypotheses

Systematic onsite coverage of global scientific conferences will equip you to:

  • Provide answers to senior management on late-breaking clinical and scientific news
  • Prepare rapid responses for your internal stakeholders
  • Provide a complete round-up of competitors outlook spanning the data and the manner in which it is publicized

The report will feature:

  • Understanding and prioritizing a vast volume of abstracts and scientific literature
  • Onsite coverage throughout the length of the conference
  • Ensuring a full capture of strategic events and competitor outlook using both primary and secondary intelligence


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