Telehealth: Front Line Solution Against The COVID19

Telehealth: Front Line Solution Against The COVID19

The Telehealth includes the use of communications technology for providing the healthcare services for patients who are not visiting with their healthcare provider in person. The COVID-19 outbreak has interrupted the medicine and the delivery of healthcare worldwide. The urgency of the social distancing has increased the demand for telehealth for evaluating, managing, and tracking the COVID-19 patients without the necessity for the personal examination.

According to the CmaxInsight, the Telehealth has witnessed drastic growth due to the COVID-19 outbreak. The significant market growth is observed in the remote patient monitoring (RPM) segment and the virtual visits.

Benefits of Telehealth during the Coronavirus Outbreak

  • Eliminates the need for physical contact between patient and provider
  • Patients can schedule virtual visits easily
  • It is easy for the physicians to treat the patients virtually and tracking them through Remote Patient Monitoring
  • Medicines can be e-prescribed and adherence tracked
  • Several tools for self- examining the patients are available
  • Easy to gather and analyzed the patient-generated health data
  • It easily provides the essential services to patients who reside in areas that do not have enough primary care physicians or specialists
  • It can be used in a clinical trial or post-market (Phase 4) trial.
  • Mobile health (mHealth) devices or personal emergency response systems (PERS) can trigger alerts
  • These apps increase the coverage and communication with a patient

Opportunities for Telehealth Suppliers

Segments Description
Virtual Visits Remote evaluation of patients with symptoms or a known history of direct contact
RPM Tracking of temperature & other biometric indicators for flagged patients
mHealth Wearables and Apps Education & management of patients Monitoring the adherence of medications
PERS Examining patient well-being and sleep patterns
Remote Consultation Services Virtual meetings of medical experts for sharing the views
Data Analytics Leveraging meeting media and content from third-party apps
Virtual Triaging Determining which patients to visit first
Robotics It is easy for the robotic attendants to enter the high-risk environments and to attend the patients as per the requirement

Major Telehealth Providers

Market Drivers

  • Ability to perform an accurate remote examination on the contagious patients
  • Availability of the Value-based reimbursements
  • Employee telehealth offerings at per-member, per month rates along with the usage rates

Market Barriers

  • Lack of standard reimbursement rates
  • Security & privacy concerns
  • Interoperability & integration issues

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